The #Showthemflames team and their master distiller explain how they blast the barrels with their music for deeper caramel trending notes.

Our sound as a label is what has placed us far apart from our competition. This was achieved through our unique sound, which is built on our embodied principles of embracing love and promoting unity amongst our communities and nations through our music. As a label we pride our selves and are fast becoming an influence of note, across Africa with a reach loving signature sound that marks our distinctiveness globally.  We continues to break boundaries in the Afro / Afrobeat /Afro-pop to house music releases. The labels core focus is on being, futuristic and innovative in building in new talents year in and year out. 


African Music

Our Focus

Love & Family

The Home of Love Music.

Showthemflames is a a love and family based music production house. We strive to bring people and families together through music. We intend on communicating with the soul, building connections and relationships  through, Afro, afro soul music and commercially distributing thea signature african sound to the world.


As our slogan stipulates, Showthemflames is about love and unity, we form partnerships with everyone with a common goal, and venture in anything that helps the next person.

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